Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still login to ISQ Account & Hosting Manager?
Yes – for a limited time login to your ISQ account will still be possible via “LOGIN”-button.
Login to ISQ accounts isnt’ possible any longer.

Can I still transfer out my domain?
Yes – we will provide auth. codes required for transfer to another registrar until June, 30th 2021.
Yes – we don’t provide any auth. codes anymore, so you’d have to contact SRS+ for that.

Can I still access my webspace and data?
The option to do so (via FTP) will be available until June, 16th 2021. Mails can still be downloaded with your Mail Client and applications like IMAPSync until further notice.
Backups for website, mailing and database are still provided by our support team. Kindly be aware that there may be longer response times than usual.

How long will my ISQ DNS work?
DNS zones will work until August 28th, 2021.
DNS zones do not work any longer.

Will data backups still be available after June, 16th?
Yes, backups will be available until December, 2nd 2021.

Do you provide ISQ helpdesk and phone support still?
No. Support will be limited to contact form requests only.

How do I transfer my domain?
A domain transfer to a different registrar requires a so-called transfer code and a domain unlock:
Step 1: Choosing a new company providing domain registration services.
Step 2: Contacting us via form: Contact our support. In turn we will provide you with a transfer code and unlock your domain.
Step 2: Contacting SRS+ for a transfer code.
Step 3: Opening an account with your new registration company and initiate transfer with transfer code provided.
Kindly be aware that we can only provide auth. codes until June, 16th.
Kindly be aware that we don’t provide auth. codes any longer.

How long does a domain transfer take?
Transfer time ultimately depends on the type of top-level domain you’d like to transfer and the amount of ICANN regulated checks both loosing and gaining registrar are required to do.
For example:
Transfer time of country code specific top-level domains like*.ca is about 24h.
Transfer time of general top-level domains like*.com usually takes up to 4-5 days.

How do I migrate my website files?
A convenient way to access and download your website’s files from ISQ webservers would be via FTP client:
E.g. via free client FileZilla.
In order to download your files, you’d have to establish a FTP (= File Transfer Protocol) connection to our servers with your FTP client.
Here would be your default ISQ FTP client settings required for a successful connection:
Port: 21
Username: My FTP Users
Password: My FTP Users
Kindly be aware that this will work until June, 16th 2021.
FTP access is not supported any longer.

How do I get a backup of my database?
Recommended option would be to enable Automated Backups in your ISQ Hosting Manager, which will download backups of your website’s databases to your web space, starting on the next daily backup cycle.
Kindly be aware that this will work until June, 16th 2021.
Retrieving database backups is not supported any longer

How do I migrate my email accounts?
We’ve listed our recommendations as well as our personal favorite: ‘IMAPsync’ in following guide: Mail Migration
Kindly be aware that this will work until June, 16th 2021.
Mail migration directly from our servers is not supported any longer.


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