Future of ISQ

ISQ Solutions will be closing business

ISQ Webhosting Inc. will be closing business on June 1st, 2021 at 12:00 (PM) UTC.

From March 3rd, 2021 onwards, purchase or renewal of ISQ services has been ceased.
All customers must move their services to a different provider by June 1st, 2021.


New service provider “netcup”

Apart from .NET-based hosting, revamped hosting services will still be offered by our sister company “netcup” on Canadian infrastructure.

This marks a transition from a focus on Domain Registration and Windows servers towards Linux-based Webhosting:
Resulting in a more affordable and better product offer for current ISQ customers by our award-winning sister company.
A free domain registration (*.ca, *.com, *.net, *.org, *.info or *.biz) is included in this offer.

Please note that migration as well as opening a new account with netcup won’t occur automatically.


Migration Service to Netcup

For your convenience, a 2-in-1 hosting package plus migration service to netcup is offered as well: Migration of your services from ISQ to netcup will be carried out with no downtime by current ISQ specialists.
Additionally, we’ve prepared easy to follow guides on how to migrate your domains, websites, and emails yourself: FAQ

Domain-only Customers
Canadian Domains (*.ca)

To keep your registrations secure, all Canadian domains will be automatically transferred to a new Canadian-based domain registrar until March 31st, 2021.
There won’t be any transfer time, as this transfer occurs internally on registry level. The new registrar will reach out to you beforehand and provide you with the means to administrate your domains.

UPDATE: You can request a transfer code to a different registrar via: registrar@cadns.ca


Other Domains (*.com / *.net / *.org / … )

Domains with other Top-Level domains (*.com, *.net, *.org, *.info, …) will have to be transferred to a different registrar until June 1st, 2021:
Kindly open a help desk ticket with us and we will provide you with transfer codes required.

You may choose to register your domains with netcup too of course.

Alternatively, you could choose to open your own account with our current partner SRSplus:
You can request this directly with SRSplus. There isn’t any outbound transfer involved in this case.


.net based Hosting Customers

Unfortunately, our sister company netcup does not provide a .NET-based hosting environment and we were not able to secure a suitable Canada based alternative:
Your current .NET applications (.asp/.aspx) will have to be moved to a new provider.


Our Decision to cease all services

Ceasing all services has not been an easy decision for us:
At the same time, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support throughout the years which made this 20-year-long journey possible.

We apologize in advance for any inconveniences caused and will try our best to make your transition to either our sister company netcup
or an external provider of your choosing as smoothly as possible.

ISQ Support will remain at your disposal until June 1st, 2021 via help desk, email and phone.

We wish you well throughout the ongoing pandemic and on all your future endeavors.


The ISQsolutions Team
Toronto, March 3rd, 2021.



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